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Current Release

Our current release is Open64 5.0

What’s New in Open64 5.0?

-Frontend/infrastructure/tool changes

-New/improved optimizations

-Improved code generation/architecture support

-Performance at par with AMD x86 Open64

-Improved quality as a result of resolving many x86 and Itanium Linux bugs, and ongoing testing of Open64 TOT



Previous Release

Our previous release was Open64 4.2.4


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Open64 Overview

Open64 has been well-recognized as an industrial-strength production compiler.  It is the final result of research contributions from a number of compiler groups around the world. Formerly known as Pro64, Open64 was initially created by SGI from SGI's MIPSPro compiler,  and licensed under the  GNU Public License (GPL v2)

Open64 also derives from work done by Intel Corp, in conjunction with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They created the Opens external link in new windowOpen Research Compiler (ORC),  and all their changes were later folded back into the main Open64 source tree in 2005. 

Open64 includes advanced interprocedural optimizations, loop nest optimizations, global scalar optimizations, and code generation with advanced global register allocation and software pipelining.


A considerable amount of work has been performed with the Open64 compiler infrastructure over the last few years.